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02-25-2012, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Sometimes BMac tweets the most inane stuff. No ****, sherlock. If the rumour IS true, would Molson admit it?
No ****.

It's funny how CTV played along, and alowed this to be on local news. I mean, must be a first they get some "tv sports personality" to come on and say he has very credible sources, then asked by whoever was next to him how credible they are, and tony responds by saying "Good enough to get me to be here right now". Then goes on to say the rumor. I mean it was FOX style breaking news, Iraq has Yellow Cake type of moment.
Anyways, i'm inclined to belive part of rumor, which is that Ownership is affecting decision making of the GM's job to some extend (IMO higher then most clubs around NHL).
But i would also not be suprised that this insider basically told tony that Molson has to approuve all decisions, which might be something that might only be symbolic to Molson wanting to understand the decision making. (which IMO i would be suprised lol).

Definatly good news clip, gonna go see if i can stream some team 990 and if they are talking about this

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