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02-25-2012, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by s3x View Post
From Bobby Scribe, Kings' blogger:

"Is he the L.A. Kings' intended identity? I don't believe so. I don't believe Dustin Brown represents what Dean Lombardi wants this team to become. That is not to say Lombardi is right but don't think for a second Mike Richards' arrival here was a happy accident. Richards is exactly what Dean wants. The player who is to the Kings what the Leonidas character was to the Spartans in the movie 300."

O rly?
Some of the stories are a little weird. This is one of many articles that I read that mentioned Richards taking the C and others went a little farther to say that some captains and former captains personalities were bumping in the locker room.

Brown in the Middle
One might imagine that the acquisition of sniper Jeff Carter by the Los Angeles Kings would calm the waters in L.A. But the deal has had just the opposite effect, as immediately after the deal with Columbus was announced Thursday night multiple sources reported that the Kings were looking to move captain Dustin Brown.

By Friday, however, it appeared as though Kings GM Dean Lombardi had had a change of heart and GMs around the NHL were reporting that Brown was no longer on the market.

That teams would be interested in the gritty Brown isnít the issue. There was immediately a lineup of teams interested in inquiring about what it would take to acquire the former U.S. Olympian. Brown would have been a nice fit in Toronto, Boston, Nashville and the New York Rangers, pending the Rangersí efforts to acquire Columbus captain Rick Nash.

But if Brown is off the market, it begs the question of how he can remain a King at all, let alone remain as captain. Multiple sources told they believe that whether Brown remains with the team or not the plan is to make Mike Richards the next captain of the Kings.

Richards, acquired by L.A. last June, was the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers at the time of the trade.

Brown, an understated sort who epitomizes leading by example, had not been approached by Lombardi about the situation Saturday and remains uncertain what lies ahead for him.

ďItís frustrating for Dustin,Ē his agent Scott Norton told Saturday.

ďHeís got a young family. L.A.ís been the only place heís known. He wants to know whatís going on,Ē Norton said.

Brown, 27, was the 13th-overall pick of the Los Angeles Kings in 2003. There are certain parallels to the Nash situation in that having broached the subject of trading the face of the franchise, the Blue Jackets must get a deal done to move Nash whether itís before Mondayís trade deadline or during the offseason.

The same dynamic exists now with Brown, with the main difference being that Brown does not control his own destiny via a no-trade or no-movement clause. Regardless, itís still hard to imagine how Brown can stay with the team moving forward given the events of the last couple of days.

Norton said Brown, who has three children under the age of four, still wants to win in Los Angeles but if thatís not to be, then heíll give his heart to a new team.

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