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11-12-2003, 08:32 PM
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1) A week ago I would have said sign Berard. Defense is week as hell.

2) Pick a type of offense to build and get players to compliment it:
a) If you want to become a dump and chase team, keep Iginla and Conroy. Get rid of Saprikin and Kobesew and use them to get some power forwards (Getzlaf comes to mind, maybe someone older if possible). One problem I see with Calgary is they have a couple fancy finess scorers who can't fight for the puck when it is dumped.
b) If you want to become a puck control team use Iginla to a get a center or two who can move the puck (Datsyuk). One problem I see with Calgary is guys who can't pass, or move the puck.

3) Turek must go. Trade him for a 5th round pick. McClenanan is ok for now, feel free to move something to get a better goalie (Biron) if one is availble for a decent price.

Right now the team defense looks pretty good in Calgary in the games I have seen. Its just the lack of scoring. They have guys who have scored, but it looks like they are in the wrong scoring system now, or don't have all the guys on the same page.

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