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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
Time for the poor guy to move elsewhere. He is suppose to be our best offensive guy, but he failed us again this year... and he is -18...
His PDO (on ice save % + shooting %) is .971. The norm is 1, last season he was 1.008. It's an aberration that corrects over time. I wouldn't worry about his +/-. His shot differential is fine, in the context of how many dzone faceoffs he takes, and his quality of competition.

I'd take an upgrade on Plekanec. I don't see a team agreeing to trade Getzlaf, Staal or Spezza for Plekanec. I also don't see any reason for their teams to do the deal for a package, unless it's so balanced in their favor that the Habs become a weaker team in the process.

If Grigorenko is the BPA at our pick according to the Habs' scouting department, go for it. If not, go for the actual BPA. Either way, we still need Plekanec until the pick develops (if ever) into a replacement or upgrade at the NHL level. In other words, for several years.

The idea is to upgrade at center to improve the team. Not for an upgrade at center's sake. Or to "finally get that big center." The way to go about putting together a top team is to make a long series of smart bets, to pick up undervalued players and to draft well. If we at some point have a genuine surplus of value at other positions, and believe we are lacking at center, we will be in a good position to make a trade.

At this point, Plekanec does the job. He is good value for his cap hit. His term is team-friendly. At his age a rapid decline would be surprising. There is still plenty of room for improvement on the wings, and tons of room for improvement on D.

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