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02-25-2012, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
Seriously, this is patently obvious to anyone with half a brain. Everything you posted is 100% correct - and you left out the fact that the impending CBA negotiations would likely make teams MORE conservative, not less, come the summer.

It takes some serious self delusion to convince oneself that one could get a better deal in the summer than right now.

Because Nash is the face of the franchise, paid close to 12% of their cap by himself and will influence every other player in the locker room. Because he will likely start to give less and less effort on the ice (and who can blame him) and create distractions in the press. Because UFAs will see that Nash was a good soldier for close to a decade, was professional when they put him on the market... and then got screwed - and, as a result, CLB will consequently gain a rep as a team that ****s their players, which is exactly what you want when you're already about 26th on the list of where most players want to play.

Can he technically force a trade? Absolutely not. They can send him back out there game after game for 6 more years.

Will not trading him have a detrimental effect on the franchise? Um, yes.
As much as I want Nash, I just don' think that's necessarily true. Osi in football didn't get traded and played his ass off. However, he was playing for a contract, so it's a bit different.

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