Thread: Speculation: Locker room riff?
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02-26-2012, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by zac View Post
I think the players know the "system" doesn't work, and while some players could be playing better as individuals they realize this whole thing is a ******* mess. I would actually be kind of miffed if there WASN'T a rift in the locker room. If I played on this team, saw the things that weren't working, then had some guys and the coaching staff make excuses and completely ignore addressing the issues I'd be extremely pissed and frustrated.

Among other things I think this locker room misses players that are both heady AND vocal. This team really needs about 3 guys who can be like "Look coach, this is BS. We can't keep running our PP like we do because it hasn't worked, isn't working, and will not work in the future. We can't keep collapsing on defense as that DOESN'T WORK! Guys, you can't let players roam freely in the crease as it yields WAY too many easy scoring chances." That is what this team needs.

I look at this roster and see a lot of naturally quiet guys. Toews isn't an in your face guy. Kane isn't. Seabs isn't. Hossa isn't. Sharp isn't. Keith sure as hell isn't. The only guy I see who could remotely fit this role is Mayers. This team not only lacks grit, but it lacks the vocal presence to keep players (and maybe even coaches accountable). We sure as hell know this coaching staff doesn't do it.
Interesting thoughts, but unless you have been in the locker room, how would you know if these mentioned players are vocal or not? You are just making assertions based on how they seem on camera when interviewed. They could be very different when among teammates. I wouldn't draw any far reaching conclusions about there not being any vocal leaders in the room, unless you've been around them in that environment.

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