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02-26-2012, 02:24 AM
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Why would you look at performances from him 2 years ago at this point? what matters is how he is performing now, and he's performing well enough now to continue to play. Heaven forbid someone go through a rough patch, that's never happened before right? based on his recent form, he's' going well enough to continue to play, which again is his decision, not some random bloke on the internet to decide he "should" retire

Why would you exclude the India series? because it suits your argument lol? are we meant to pretend that just didn't happen because it helps what you're saying?

Has not been performing at a high level for a couple of years now lol? yep, if we ignore that he performed at a high level in the most recent test series he played. I for one don't just throw reality out of the window though heh.

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