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02-26-2012, 07:20 AM
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So much hate for Marinaro it's incredible. I mean, we can agree or disagree on some journalists' point of view, that I have no problem with. But who the heck are we to know if their information are real or not? And the funny thing is that people hate Marinaro for blasting the Habs, yet there are way more blasting in this board than everywhere you actually hate the message or the messenger? Besides, like it or not, Marinaro was more right and wrong lately. I believe he will be incredibly wrong the day Roy is appointed head coach and he predicts that it won't be working out, actually he calls this almost a joke which I totally disagree. And he surely also was wrong before, as he admits as well. But he was also right in tons of occasions. And frankly, nobody can blame him for going with the hindsight in most of those occasions. A move is made, he gives his opinion. He wouldn't go far on radio with the famous "Let's wait and see" opinion. That wouldn't be a good radio show. But actually, while we should have a better group of journalists than we have in his entirety, whether we like it or not, Marinaro is amongst the best and most knowledgeable journalist out there. Is it at TVA Sports that you will hear his kind of analysis? Who on RDS will give you the type of analysis he's given? Yes, obviously, it's not because they are all awful that it makes him a GREAT one. Yet, the reality suggest that most of opinions ended up right. While we were all ecstatic on the Bourque deal, he had his reservations.....which we now ALL have etc. Yes, you will find other stuff he was wrong. Geez, why the heck should he has everything right? The guy is giving you something. At least take it as something to disagree with, I'm fine with it. But what the heck do you expect from journalist anyway? 'Cause in this board, if you love a player, you disagree with a journalist. But if you hate a player, journalists are fine. I mean, journalists were the worst when they went with the Kostitsyn-Hamrlik story. Never to be trusted. Yet, when some decided to hate Grabs and SKost just prior the trade and after it, EVERY bit of news were suddenly real. Strange isn't it.

I have no problem with Marinaro. He gives material to agree or disagree with. Not like 90% of the french guys.

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