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02-26-2012, 08:30 AM
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Going to rep for my favorite sports:

summer: rock climbing

winter: ice climbing

Some justifications:

-Both have well-established professional/competitive circuits.
-Both have strong fields for both men and women. For ice climbing in particular, you could even take the audacious leap of having men and women compete together.
-Both have very diverse international representation, so a ton of different countries could easily be competitive from just about every continent.
-Both can be approached competitively from several different angles (difficulty, speed, different styles, etc.) so it could make for an easy sport to have lots of different events in.
-Both feature athletes who are in supremely good physical condition, so from that perspective they market well. With regards to rock climbing in particular, you can market the sex appeal aspect of the competitors (a lot of the females compete wearing outfits that don't cover up much more than a beach volleyball outfit does, if anything).

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