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02-26-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by EllertoKostitsynGoal View Post
Bourque used to be a pretty good tough minutes player but that was 2+ years ago, he's fallen off since then and hasn't shown the ability to do that consistently in a long while. AK is probably the better option in such a role at this point.

And I think using the model you talk about where Patches-Cole try to win you the game while Plekanec tries do do whatever he can to keep his head above water with weaker wingers should only be an option in extreme cases like having too much injuries (wich is how that thing got started in the first place). For example, it's kind of what you said about getting a Malhotra, it wouldn't be that usefull getting a guy like that if he doesn't have the wingers to support him. We're kind of stuck for now since we don't currently have the second pairing to support this but this can be addressed in the off season. I'd probably to get a tough minutes D even if Markov is good to go.

I think a single very good tough minutes unit is much more a sign of a good team than a very good soft minutes one. The best teams have both but a soft minutes unit is easier to upgrade than a tough minutes one. The closest thing we saw to full power on power all tough minutes player unit was Eller-Plek-Cole backed up by Gorges-Subban and it smash the opposition. They completely dominated on scoring chances while starting mostly in the Dzone. And Our underlying munbers were much much better with that setup than with the Cole-Pacioretty smashing the bottom of the opposition setup. Sadly, it had to be broken due to injuries.

Going all in power on power might leave the rest of the lineup fairly weak altought I don't think it would be that bad especially not with a very strong second pairing (in fact it went fairly wel and that was without a second pairing) but we don't have to go pure power on power to get a more balanced setup. Having only one of Pacioretty or Cole on hard minutes while the other dominate possession on the second line would be good I think.
I don't know who you are, but I think you've joined Miller Time as one of the guys that just seems to be in my head, and "gets it" on a similar level. Lots of solid posts recently dude, this included.

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