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02-26-2012, 09:54 AM
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I just can't believe all the hate.......

Marinaro has been right a lot of times in the past with his scoop.
Still got no respect from some of you guys

But in the end, right or wrong, Tony shares some info with all of us. Informations that none of us can get.

Is it true? Mayby not

But keep bashing Marinaro and when he'll have some inside info in the future, mayby he'll keep it to himself (doubt it but....)

Allm of us wants to know what's going on, who's going, who's coming and what's happening with the habs....but when someone come out with info, some just bash him.

Do us all a favor and stop listening to radio, ssports show, tv and newspapers.....and keep thinking you get all the knowledge you need just sitting there in your living room one hand in your underwear and the other one on your remote control!

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