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02-26-2012, 10:17 AM
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thanks for the replies and tips guy!

Just been for a skate on them, local rink was surprisingly quiet for a weekend.

They fit fairly well except there seems to be a negative space problem around the front of my foot - from the arch forward.

I can lift my whole foot off the footbed inside the this because they haven't broken in and the sides in time will fold over and wrap round my foot to give a more snug feel....or are my old skates the only pair in existence that will fit my freakishly thin, flat feet?

+ Also, what is the main difference between the LSII holder and the E pro - Ive only ever learnt and skated on Epros. My tight turns on the LS2s felt very sharp and tight, but I was less in control at all times. It felt like I was pitched on my heels too much when my skates were done all the way up. Undoing the top eyelet relieved this somewhat, as I could flex more and get my weight onto the "sweetspot" I've got from muscle memory. It was somewhat awkward as I looked like such a noob in expensive skates at first, even though I'm perfectly competent (not to say Im amazing, but I can skate to a decent level of hockey gameplay)

Not sure how much I like the feel of the LS2 given Ive had such a long history of E pros

Oh dear.... :S

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