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01-27-2006, 08:03 AM
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well... that sucked..

..we lost the game in the first period. came out flat, no intensity, with no fire and didn't work hard. you could see we were in trouble from the first couple of minutes. took three shifts to get the puck into their end of the ice. then we draw a penalty and proceed to look absolutely horrible on the 2 minutes of the pp giving them up a 2 on 1 shorthanded to end it.
..hard to blame mason too much. of the 5 goals, only the 5th one was weak on his part. the 1st was just one of those fluky things, while 2,3, and 4 were all situations where a guy simply waltzes intot he low slot, has time to pick a corner, and shoots the puck against a goalie about 20 feet away. yes vokoun might have stopped one or two of those three. but when you only score 1 whether they scored 3 or 4 doesn't really matter that much.
..of course the 5 on 3 was the turning point. if you cann't score in 2 full minutes of a 5 on 3, you're not going to win very often. perreault had two golden chances standing there in his spot in the low slot. the one that hit the post was a flubbed shot, hit square that shot goes in. zidlicky and sully with a couple of chances that just miss. those just missed chances were our just missed chance to win this game outright. tie it there 2-2 and we win this game in regulation.
..of course we thenimmediately have a defensive meltdown after the 5 on 3 and eaton and markov don't communicate and we let the guy walk straight in on mason and make it 3-1. that was a bad play, one we could not allow. eaton looked to be mainly at fault there, once the who wild players crisscrossed, you switch defensively. eaton didn't, he stayed with his man, and markov switched to him too, allowing the other to walk straight in and put this one away.
..eaton had an awful game. a nightmare type game. a minus 4 type of fiasco. minus 4. and he generally deserved to be a minus 4 too, as two of their goals were directly his fault.
..suter was a minus 2 himself, and really stunk up the ice on that one where daigle beat him off the board and walks in and scores goal number 2.
..fiddler was awful. awful. a -3 in only 11 minutes. a bad penalty after turning the puck over in the neutral zone when not even being pressured. no shots on net, no real threat. no decent passes. smithson also struggled. a minus two, one of them off of his ###### into the net. no shots
..nichol had some jump, but to be honest he's so much like fiddler,smithson and johnson in that he has limited offensive skill... we basiclaly have 4 grind line centers, and one center whos not really a playmaking center but a one dimensional immobile sniper.. god we need center help. badly. this should be so obvious to anyone that knows anything about hockey. center is the only area we are far below average in. lord are we weak here. some nights it really shows.
..kariya and sullivan couldn't get it done last night. cann't expect the two of them to do it by themselves every game. kariya had two golden chances early that would have changed the tenor of this game if he had beaten fernandez
.. our pp was absolutely pitiful last night. 0 for 8. only 3 shots, and all three of those were on the two minute 5 on 3!!! means we had 7 pp's with ZERO shots. they had 3 shorthanded shots on we were worse than pitiful to be honest. we had zero puck control, zero. kariya turned the puck over at least 5 times along the halfboards, perreault turned it over pretty much everytime he touched it walker looked awful out there and turned it over about 5 times himself. we couldn't skate the puck in, we could dump it in and win the race to the puck. we couldn't even win a faceoff in their zone when we needed it, despite dominating in the faceoff circle (mostly when it didn't matter).. don't give me that "oh they're the best in the league pk" excuse either. we were simply horrible handling the puck.
.. this team we have should be dominant on the pp, we have so many pp 'specialists'. yet we're not. if we were, we really could be one of the elite teams in this league. but here we are struggling along, scoring about a pp goal per game sure, but in about the middle of the pack in the league. with guys like sully,kariya,zids, and timonen that is unexceptable
..last night, those two 4 on 4 goals allowed were bad. this year we've now scored 3 goals 4 on 4 and allowed 5. with our speed and skill we should be much better than this 4 on 4.
..the blown whistle and call disallowing markov's goal hurt us. should have been a goal of course. if the refs don't blow that one, and we cut it to 3-2 there we might still have gotten at least a point out of this one. of course when we don't we immediately allow two goals on the other end to end any hope. didn't like the fact two things go against us, the missed 5 on 3 and this blown call, and both times we hang our heads and they proceed to come down and score right afterwards. those are suck it up and play hockey times that didn't get done last night.

well time to move onward from this one. i erased it from my dvr and will try to erase it from my mind.

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