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02-26-2012, 01:10 PM
Gary says it's A-OK
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Originally Posted by BrownieLeafer View Post
The Job I had paid me well, I couldn't care less for the money. I would rather make less and enjoy coming to work. Athletes are no different, they want respect as much as any of us.
can't agree more with this

but, and there's always a but

why doesn't LeafLand treat the players with a little respect. a lot of people harp on the fact that Wilson "throws the players under the bus".

What may I ask is it you Leafs fans do, always supportive, always kind and of course never mentioning anything about a player having an "off" night or less then stellar effort.

But the coach isn't allowed to do so right?

and one other thing I've probably been a fan of the team longer then most of you have been on the earth

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