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Originally Posted by Espher View Post
Wilson clearly isn't a great mid-game motivator, but I don't think it's as big an issue as people are making it out to be.

The team looks nervous, and I'd say part of that is a result of the goaltending effort in the month of February. In January, they mostly oozed confidence, and you could feel it in their game (even in the ones where they squeezed out a win or lost)... and we had great goaltending.

It's tough to keep motivated, barring something in-game giving you a surge of hope, when your goaltender barely pushes off the post to counter a wrap-around, or, as has been the case an awful lot lately, lets in a goal almost every time there is a turnover (and hell, it seems damn near every wrister from the slot beats our goaltenders, but it sure as **** isn't the case the other way).

I would not be opposed to a coaching change, but I'm not confident that it will be the wonder solution to our problems... a systems change would be just as effective, but we might need a coaching change to get that.
Missing the playoffs year after year ISN'T an issue? Really? Especially when MORE than 50% of the leagues teams make it every season. When teams with FAR fewer resources. Since WHEN isn't a coach responsible for his teams performance?

Your logic is seriously flawed. Losing is NOT acceptable in the world of professional sports. When a team loses repeatedly -- like the Leafs -- changes ARE made.

Burke is giving Leaf nation a big slap in the face here showing more loyalty to his friends than winning.

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