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02-26-2012, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by JustAnotherHockeyFan View Post
We can't expect the cap to keep going up. The analogy I'm making is to one of the American housing market before the crash. People thought it would just keep going up and up and up. While the bust won't happen, I think it's a bit dangerous to think that the cap will always go up. If the cap goes higher, then it's the bottom teams that suffer because they have to keep spending on average players to meet the salary floor (and lose money as a result).
The difference is the housing market crash happened because people who didn't have money were given mortgages they could not afford. The cap rises because the league's revenue rises. In the new CBA the percentage that the cap rises in relation to league revenue growth should be reduced, but I don't expect a crash.

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