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02-26-2012, 01:53 PM
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Its not over till the fat lady sings...

*************MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE************************
Dear Leafs Nation,
I have been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan since 1985 from the age of 3. I have seen proud times, mediocre times, and just plain lousy. But folks, please. Some of you are starting to lose your minds. Part of me does not blame you, some of what we have witnessed lately could only be surmised as cruel and unusual. (even for leafs). This is a very young team as well. Those of you that suggest hockey players should coach themselves is almost as crazy as suggesting doctors just teach themselves. In theory this is more plausible as the average doctor should have to be of more sound reasoning then a hockey player? But i digress. We have some decent hockey players in this bunch. And some that never seem to be able to hit the ignition sequence so to say. There has been games this season though where we've all been smiling cheek to cheek at the display that was the blue and white ripping apart a so called 'playoff contender' team eg: TOR 7 WSH1, TOR 7 TBL 1 TOR 4 NYR 2 (twice) TOR 7 TBL 3 TOR 5 OTT 0
Suffice to say theres been quite a few games this year we looked like quite a dynamic bunch. The group right now is having a hard time getting the intensity level going, not everyones on the same page and you end up seeing plays fall apart without even opposition intervention. I think the trick for this group is simplify. Our plays are a little too prolonged and choreographed. When we use our speed and just plain out attack we have great results. Other teams are forced to play deeper instead of stopping every play in the neutral zone. Our forwards need to get their feet moving when the D have the puck. NJ executes this perfectly, the outlet passes are always hitting somewhere near the blue line, as opposed to the Leafs who always seem to want to midboard it then try and cross it over. Its pretty much down to Winnipeg/Florida/Toronto for the 8th spot. I like our chances at this. And then we get to play the New York Rangers. A team we have beaten several times already this year. Many of you want us to tank for a draft pick. I think securing that 8th spot will be a better confidence boost for the beginning of next year. Need to get the monkey off our back so to say. Anway, here we go....Good Luck and God Speed


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