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01-27-2006, 11:12 AM
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Jofa Pants?

I have long legs and a thin waist so it's always been hard for me to buy pants that fit properly.
The problem is, if I want them to have proper length I have to buy a larger pant so that it goes down further over my knees but then they're way too bulky. But if I buy the proper size for my waist they're always too short.

I've tried Bauers, CCM's, Reebok, etc but none seem to give me the right fit.

I've read that Jofa is a great pant for what I'm looking for but none of the stores near to me sell these. And I don't want to buy them sight unseen off the web.
Does anyone else know of a pant, like Jofa, that provides the fit I"m looking for. Or, Better yet, can anyone confirm if the Jofa's do have the fit for my body type?


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