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02-26-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by birddog View Post
Missing the playoffs year after year ISN'T an issue? Really? Especially when MORE than 50% of the leagues teams make it every season. When teams with FAR fewer resources. Since WHEN isn't a coach responsible for his teams performance?

Your logic is seriously flawed. Losing is NOT acceptable in the world of professional sports. When a team loses repeatedly -- like the Leafs -- changes ARE made.

Burke is giving Leaf nation a big slap in the face here showing more loyalty to his friends than winning.
You can selectively bold the post to try and tailor it to fit your argument all you want, but it doesn't make your post accurate. All I'm saying his ability as a 'mid-game motivator' is a non-factor. I'd wager most coaches are pretty **** for that when goaltending just ***** the bed, even the ones that are winning -- maybe we can just give Wilson some barbeque sauce and have him drop f-bombs during the intermission and we'll see how that works out.

If you think there are problems with the system and we're exposing our goaltenders who are weak in several areas where other keepers are passable at worst, that's fine, and push for a change there (either Wilson changing systems or a new coach with a different system).

But please, don't act like we need some magical mystical motivator for a coach. The problems stem from our goaltending, and we either need better goaltending or a suitable system to insulate them and bump up (or even pad) their numbers so we can eke out some wins.

As for your other post, I think his career numbers have been deflated by his tenure with the Leafs, so maybe the Leafs are the problem with Ron Wilson. How's that spin taste?

Edit: Oh, also: who should we bring in to replace Ron Wilson? Who is a suitable 'motivator' and coaches a system that fits what our team actually needs and is currently available? Offer some suggestions.

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