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Originally Posted by Espher View Post
I don't disagree with your second paragraph, but the fact of the matter is that it seems nearly every turnover, odd-man rush, or pass from behind the net (especially the pass from behind the net) results in a goal. Amazingly, other goaltenders putting up middle-of-the-puck numbers don't seem to concede a goal as a matter of course in those situations against us when they come up.

So, not only do we have to require on our goaltender making a mistake, we have to have our forwards and D never make a mistake or encounter an odd bounce, because our goaltenders seem to always make mistakes when something that isn't a shot-from-the-outside happens.

I guess you could say that we expose our goaltenders to a higher volume of those, but my perception is that we only concede a higher volume of dangerous odd-man rushes.

We either need better goaltending, or we need a system that insulates and protects our goaltenders from these sorts of adversarial situations -- and hope they don't let in the 30' wristers, actually -- which can come from either a system change or a coaching + system change. It has nothing to do with motivating the team. The team always plays confident when they have faith in the goaltending, and falls apart when they don't.
I think this is chicken and egg. I agree if the team gets goaltending absent of the "softies" the team is more confident pinching, doesn't second guess themselves to chase the forward behind the net. Also, like Smith in PHX this season - he is not an elite goalie, but he is playing well this season because of the success he has had from the trap and coaching which gives him confidence.

Goalies need team to play well in front of them to gain confidence.
And team needs the goalie to play well for them to appear better.
And the coach is the one responsible for both goalie and the team.

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