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11-13-2003, 03:00 AM
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Julien is a fool. I thought he was supposed to be a teacher and know how to handle young players but if the team we've been icing lately is any indication, he's doing a p*ss poor job at it all!

I don't believe anybody ever expected Michael Ryder to tear up the league in scoring but geez! The kid has been working his butt off since day one and what's he got to show for it? He's been constantly jerked around from line-to-line. Everytime he establishes any kind of rapport with another player, yank! He's taken off that line and put somewhere else. He finally gets another goal and what does his coach say - he needs to work on his defense and yank! he's demoted to the fourth line!

Then there's Hossa! Again, the kid has been working his tail off and his reward for that? Getting benched in favour of Yanick Perreault!

Really good way to give the few kids in our lineup any incentive to improve. If they show anything, they get demoted or benched! WTF is the matter with this amateur coach anyways?

Frankly, even with the load of crappy veterans this team has, the Canadiens could be doing alot better with a real professional coach - not some nerf from the AHL who is being rewarded for toiling in the system all these years.

No other team in the NHL would be playing Audette on its first two lines -in fact, I'm pretty certain that there are no teams that would be playing him anywhere! Same goes for Perreault and Ribeiro. Yeah, yeah, we have no other choice - they're the players we're saddled with? BS! We have a farm team loaded with young kids who would be, at their worst, a vast improvement over any or all three of these sad excuses!

If the Canadiens truly want to be taken seriously, they have to get serious! They're nowhere near that with this bush leaguer as coach and a bunch of useless players like Audette, Perreault and Ribeiro populating our laughable #1 and/or #2 lines!

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