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02-26-2012, 05:05 PM
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Let's talk about Brandon Dubinsky.

This isn't about trade, or Rick Nash, or anything like that.

This summer, several hailed him as a potential 1st line winger, an irreplaceable part of this core, and a potential captain. He lead the team in point last season, and his defensively play is above average, even on a defensively obsessed Rangers team.

Fans of other teams hate him with a passion, as do the players on other teams, giving him the assets of an agitator with the potential of a high-end 2nd liner. And yet when a trade appears, his name is the first to appear, where once it was Girardi, and later Anisimov, and even Gaborik that was on everybody's "To go list".

So why has Brandon Dubinsky fallen out of favor? The obvious thing to point to is his goal total: a mere 6. His point total is sitting at 25. For comparison, his former line-mate and partner in crime Ryan Callahan has 24 goals, 45 points.

Granted, Cally is playing with Brad Richards, and 11 of those goals come via powerplay, but Dubinsky was given the same chance, even a chance to play with Gaborik and Stepan, and yet he's had massive difficultly producing.

Dubi has managed to throw 105 shots on goal, with only 6 becoming goals. Has he run into bad luck? Perhaps he's snake bit?

Personally, I think being looked over for the "A" made a difference. I hate how it sounds, but lets be honest, Dubinsky has shown some difficulty controlling his emotions, and when he's been with the team as long as our present captain, fulfilling much the same role, and working his heart half way to death trying to win a playoff round, it's easy to imagine he took it as a snub.

And now with the Nash rumors, he looks clearly disturbed on the ice. Each shift, he's like an employee on his first week of work, practically screaming "please don't fire (in this case, trade) me!".

That's my best guess. The goals he's scored have been beautiful, it's simply the rebounds, garbage goals and wide open nets that he hasn't been able to sink. I think if he stays (and I hope very deeply he's not traded off) that we'll see a return to 50 pt form, possibly even scratching at 60.

Also, I want to see what he can do with Hags at some point.

Note: this is not a "How to get Dubi going" thread. He's this year's Gaborik, but without the occasional hat-trick, but instead providing solid forechecking and defensive play. I'm interested to hear some of your analysis and hypothesizes.

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