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02-26-2012, 05:16 PM
Rich Nash
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And I agree with DW. Ridiculous how people think because we're upset with a 4.2 third liner who's intangibles are being overstated on a team full of players with them we're bandwagoners.

I didn't dump on MDZ because he had a 40 point rookie season and was a sophomore defense. I turned out to be right because he's one of our best 3 d-men now.

I didn't dump on Gabby because he's a 40 goal scorer who has proved that in the past and had his shoulder ****ed in the beginning of the year. I was right because he's arguably our best forward this year.

I AM dumping on Dubi because he got his payday and decided not to show up this season after a good year. 6 goals is UNACCEPTABLE. He has one very good year, get's payed, and disappears. If Dubi was playing this year like he did last year our offense would be potent.

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