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02-26-2012, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
It is these advance statistics that really hurt the game of hockey. I think advanced statistics has its place in a sport like baseball, but in hockey there is so much more going on.

We all watch Matt Carle. Matt Carle is a great passer on the PP , he is overmatched during the PK and is physically unable to handle his man in the Dzone. He is a good skater and scrappy player but he far to careless ( as are a majority of our players) with the puck. He has really had a bad month and we are all noticing it. We don't need advanced stats to tell us just how good he is compared to Suter.
I like advanced stats because it shuts down people who state pure opinion based as facts. Like your example of Matt Carle. Some people here STILL think he is above average on the defensive side. When you look at advanced stats though, you will see that he gets scored on the most, doesnt face top opposition, and ussually is played with the team's best players (in regards to their own corsi, etc etc.)

Now if you look at a player, and see that when he is on the ice he gets scored on alot, would you than consider him a good defender? You can bring in who he plays with and against whom, but yet again advanced stats show these also. The good thing about advanced stats is, they are unbiased and show the truth.

Now you gotta watch out for Leed. He likes Matt Carle, not as much as DenverBone, but pretty close.

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