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Originally Posted by pedrospecialk View Post
Amen. Had a great time, definitely more pleasant than the playoff atmosphere last time I was there. the city's better than Marchand gives it credit for

The Annihilator at Pearl Street didn't quite annihilate and the kaiser roll for beef-on-weck is just too salty for me. I guess those (and Pouliot on the shootout) are my only complaints
I will second that! Wife and I had a great time.

Parking was half the cost of what we pay in Boston, and was closer to the arena. The wind was HOWLING Friday night but we're alive still.

Beautiful arena, with surprisingly fair prices on many concession items. I don't know of any restaurants where you will find a cheeseburger and fries for 8 bucks, never mind at a sporting event!

For any other visitors, we stayed at the Best Western on Dingens Street, which was just about touching the highway and a quick 5 minute ride to the arena. I would definitely recommend it.

I also wanted to say that the people at the RBC Center in Raleigh gave you guys a bad rep When I was there a few years back they acted like people from Buffalo burned and pillaged their city and had their way with the women. I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and respectful everyone was, especially considering the last few games between Boston and Buffalo haven't been very amicable of affairs. Only one guy gave me any crap and it wasn't until I was leaving. Otherwise, all positive chatter from the people around me.

I'd definitely make the trip again, despite the 7 hours of hell on I90. Good grief that was boring. Then to be followed home by the wind/snow on the way home

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