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02-26-2012, 07:00 PM
Change is good.
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Guys, it's really simple. They've been negotiating for weeks, both sides beginning with no-brainer offers and then moving closer. Piecing together info from various reports, Howson started out wanting something ridiculous like "one of McD/MDZ, Stepan, Dubi and a 1st" and Slats started out saying, "well you got the Dubi + a 1st part right."

At various stages over the interim, either directly or the media, they've come closer. As of this week it was reported that Howson was down to Dubi, a first, but still demanding one of McD/MDZ and most recently, if I heard Dreger right, lastly down to one of McD/MDZ a top prospect and a 1st. Slats had upped his offer a couple of times, first to Dubi, McIlrath, Thomas and a 1st, then to Dubi, Erixon, Thomas and a 1st. As a very last step, there was consideration that Miller might be the last chip to go either in place of Erixon or Thomas.

Howson is now saying, "that's it, we can talk about all the other pieces, but I need one of those two Dmen." Slats has responded, "nope, you've got my best offer - we're running out of time and I am now officially looking at other options."

There are 20 hours or so left. Slats could cave at the last minute, but I highly doubt it. In the meantime, he's genuinely looking at other options. Howson is sticking to his guns and trying to drum up interest elsewhere - and frankly I think is doing so in a last ditch effort to get Slats to change his mind, because I think the Rangers have been the only other realistic option all along. He too could still cave - and I put that at a higher probability, because I just don't see the upside in keeping Nash and trying again later. Before either one closes a deal that would then make it impossible for the Nash deal to happen, they would likely call the other and say "this is it, I'm about to do X. Last chance..."

Very curious to see how it plays out. I put the odds at:

50% Nash comes to the Rangers at the last minute (at the last reported offer from Slats).
45% he stays in CLB and they try again over the summer (huge mistake in my book, but then again who cares what my opinion is?)
5% something else completely off the radar turns up from out of the blue.

EDIT: Howson UPPED his demands at the last minute??? I take it all back. The scenario above presumes that both parties know how to negotiate. Clearly Howson is off his meds.

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