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Originally Posted by BruinFanSam View Post
Hello All... two quick questions. Keep in mind I could care less about point totals or goals...As we have seen lately with David Krejci and Seguin(who have been playing some of their best hockey all season lately), sometimes point totals do not necessarily paint the whole picture...From a developmental standpoint how do these players look on the ice...

1.) How is Sauve looking..? Disappointing season from an injury standpoint for him , I thought he would be a call-up option for the B's. How has he looked when healthy?

2.) Also interested on anyones take of Arniel.. I had really high hopes for him as well, didn't look out of place during his short stint in boston last year. Not too worried about the point totals, I think he would have gotten a call-up if his play was solid....


I haven't had a chance to get down to Providence this year so counting on your eyes!
went to game today and for the second day in a row the B's blew a 2 goal lead and lost.

They seemed in control and took a 2-0 lead to lockerroom after 1 when it could have been really 4-1 or so,

Sauve grabbed second star and looked very good- however, end of game he got hit questionably high and was really pissed. His helmet was all crooked and the hit took place in the last 10 seconds so he ran at the guy who hit him after skating around a bit and tracked him down. After what he went thru with his recent concussion against the same team on a cheap shot that ruined his season, he should have pulled a nutty.

Arniel was pretty good today, got hit on a late penalty touch on the wall with about 5 to go and with such force his stick broke and he was checking is right shoulder area collar doing movements that one does when 'Houston we got a problem' arises. He did come back. Lost year for him like Sauve but he's been better lately been told.

like Zach but did not notice him that much, Hennessey though was very good. He seemed to have that NHL glow with him and not disappointment. Kind of odd watching him skating last afternoon knowing he was on the ice in that Ottawa game less than 24 hours before.

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