Thread: Speculation: Trade Deadline Goalies
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02-26-2012, 07:18 PM
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JS actually has very very good numbers on an average Colorado team and an extremely low cap hit. We are stuck with Bryz, and his cap hit for at least a season or two more before any other team would be remotely interested and we are not going to buy him out lol that will never happen.

I am a big fan of Bob (I think he has potential and is still young not that I prefer him over Bryz, they have both had a rough year) but he is never going to get true starting time here. He is going to be a FA after next season and he will probably be moved next year anyway. So the question is why not get some value in return for him?

JS would be someone that knows there role as the backup and that there future here is uncertain but would be able to possibly start here given the season Bryz is having. He has the 7th best GAA in the NHL and a decent save % (both are miles better than either of our goalies and JS is playing on a much worse club).

We don't need a superstar goalie, we just need someone to play average and he is playing slightly above average so I would argue he would put our club in a better position to win than either goalie we currently have in net. If it doesn't work out his contract is up the same time as Bob's and his cap hit is low, very low risk potential good reward.

I wouldn't trade Bob straight up, that's not even close to being fair, but throw some picks back our way/mid level prospect and I would say why not?

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