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11-13-2003, 05:18 AM
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Originally Posted by agentfouser
so if he returns and plays fairly well but wants the same amount of money for a new contract, do we give it to him or trade him or let him walk or what?

That is the real question isn't it; what to do with Allison. Dave Taylor along with many other GM's have been preparing their teams for the post CBA NHL. The problem, when it comes to Allison, is that we have to qualify him before the players and owners even sit down to discuss the situation. The way DT has managed this team to date, it seems as though he is preparing for some sort of salary cap, but how exactly will that work? Will there be some sort of "franchise player" designation or will there be a "grandfather clause"? The are all questions (that I'm sure Taylor will know more of an answer to) that will factor into the decision to qualify him.

There is also the issue of unrestricted free agency. The Player's Association wants it lowered to 28 or 29. If they get that concession, there will be a lot of great players that will be UFA's including Allison, and this will make all of the speculation moot.

Right now, the Kings will only have three players under contract for next season; Norstrom, Miller, and Cechmanek. Ziggy Pallfy, most notably, is a UFA at the end of the season, and IMO needs to be resigned more than Allison.

Will the Kings qualify Allison? I think it really depends on how much he plays. If he plays at least half of the season, then I think there is a chance, but if he only plays two months I think it is doubtful.

Originally Posted by agentfouser
could he be traded? i think that he would be really hard to move for anything because he's held out for a boatload of money before and he now has a further history of injuries.
If he's healthy, he could easily be traded for a similar package to Schneider, Smolinski, or Blake. Allison could be just a playoff rental because he could essentially be a UFA if the team he was traded to decides not to qualify him. Whether or not he is traded depends on the Kings positon in the playoff hunt. If we are way out of it, I wouldn't be surprised to see any and every name player we have on the block (except Norstrom and Miller.)

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