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02-26-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by H V Derk View Post
Hi Everyone,

I'm posting for the first time because I feel the end is officially upon us! And I am glad. I'm excited. I've open my arms wide to embrace what should be the purging of this long standing non-competitive team. For once I need to stand on a soap box and ramble to the passerby's.
Tonight feels like Christmas eve.

Here's my headline tailored for us Habs fans:
'The Great Escape: Habs play dead, Panthers eat to heart's content.'

I ask you all why you are a fan of this team. Is it location? A draw from the hat? Probably not. Likely you were born into it. Yes- most of us had no choice. Yet most of us wouldn't dare to have it any other way because this is Les Glorieux. The passion we the fans create is unreal, the history of this team is unmatched by nearly any other in every other sports league in the world and how can we not be enthralled by it? We are not mere fans of a sport, we are religious fanatics.

But for years the weight of the past and our emotional connection has compromised the abilities of our team. They are distractions from building new generations of legacies and awe inspiring moments. I for one am tired of being the past dynasty. I want it for my life time.

The distractions beyond WINNING have to end. Tonight.
I am tired of the drama that is created out of the rink that we eat up like reality tv.
I am tired of players excelling elsewhere where they can focus on their tasks and of new players slumping here because of the unnecessary pressures.
We need to realize the new environment of the league, and of our unique environment so that we can be the best once again.

And so I'm excited because tonight could mark the beginning of a great change. One in which the team is not under the whimsical influences of the attention seeking media or us emotional fans, but rather is focused on winning. It is the greatest moment for new ideas and leadership.

I hope it is realized. That soon we'll see a team, from the owner to the stick boys, intent on one thing and one thing only. That soon again we'll have legendary players and coaches and general managers and the best team in hockey.

Maybe again? Or did we all inherit statues and plaques?
I hope this doesn't go unnoticed. Very well said.

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