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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
That is unless the other interested teams send some of the assets they were including for Nash elsewhere.
True. And that could very well include the Rangers, if another deal to land the likes of Brown, St. Louis, or someone else out of left field pops up.

Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
You underestimate, I think, the power of human spite on the part of a lame duck GM in negotiations. He may just be giving a symbolic "**** you" to Sather and Burke.
Originally Posted by GregSirico View Post
Ya know that's a very good point, I never thought of it that way ... however by doing so you are seriously alienating yourself from future jobs. That is not a smart strategy for your future.
Actually, the party that would be the most screwed by bad-faith negotiations isn't Sather or Burke. For them, it's just a deal that wasn't meant to happen, and they just move on. The guy who's really screwed is Nash, as he wants to have a decent shot at competing for the Cup while he is still in his prime. Not an unreasonable request after toiling for a decade with the Bad News BJs. Howsom selfishly screwing over a longtime warrior and upstanding citizen like Nash just to spite other teams,.... that would make him persona non grata in many quarters.

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