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11-13-2003, 05:53 AM
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Originally Posted by discostu
This is where things get interesting.

The players have agreed to take a pay-cut already. To me, this is an extremely important piece of information. To me, it indicates one of the following scenarios:
1) The owners are losing money, and the players believe them
2) The owners are not losing money, yet they have convinced the players that this is the case
3) The players have not offered to take a paycut, and the information that is being leaked out has been false.
4) The owners are not losing money, but are so determined to improve their financial situation anyways, that the players have resigned themselves to the fact that they will need to make some concessions.

We've now seen a couple of sources report that this was the players offer, and nothing has been reported that it is false, from either side, so I am inclined to write-off option 3. The players are not likely to be scared off easily, so that write-offs option 4. That means that the owners have convinced the players that they are losing money.

Now, we do not know what access players have been given to the books, but I think it is quite possible that they have been given more information that what is made public. They obviously will not have the complete financial picture, but they have felt confident enough in it to make concessions. This is very indicative behaviour. Personally, I give the NHLPA a lot of credit. They won the last round of collective bargaining, and they are not idiots. I do not think that the owners would be able to convince the players that they need a pay cut without some level of substantive proof. The players probably do not believe the owners full claims of $300 million in losses, but they believe them enough to take a 5% pay cut.

I think your right, the players know that the majority of owners are losing some money. But not to the extent Bettman likes to portray. I would say some believe they are overpaid. And i think it must kill Goodenow to hear players say that.

The owners IMO are being foolish not to negotiate with the players. If it's true the players already offered a 5% paycut. See if they will up that number up to 10%. That would mean it would save the owners $130 million right off the top. Including a luxury tax, and limit on entry level contracts could make this league profitable.

It's gonna take both side to work together. All the NHL/Bettman is doing is pissing off the union who is atleast is making an effort.

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