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Originally Posted by Loyal2TheOil View Post
For me it really depends on a lot of variables. Where we are on the ice, who I'm playing with. I'll never call for a pass just because I want it, so when guys do that I consider that bush league. If we're breaking out of our zone, I'm usually saying stuff like 'man on you' and 'you got boards' etc just because in the defensive zone I think it really helps out. If I'm playing with a playmaker I usually keep quiet because I'm confident he'll find me when I'm open. I think verbal communication is a really important skill for a team to be successful because it forces players to keep their head up and alerts them of 'danger' and possible options.

the one that bugs me the most is when the puck hog gets its on his stick. i hate when those guys try to go 1 on 2, 1 on 3 and deke everyone out when they have a chance to cycle or open man so I'll be pretty vocal and call for a pass, if I'm in good position, when those guys have it on their stick. nothing worse than one guy trying to do it all and take the team game out of it.
Nothing makes me madder than dudes who refuse to head man the puck or cycle it.

Calling for it is pretty useful if your guy can't see everyone. One example is if he's scrapping for it in the corner, you can let him know he has help along the boards or maybe he has a clear lane to toss it towards the guy in front of the net. But yeah, trying to get your teammate to make a bad pass for the sake of being a puck hog is indeed bush league.

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