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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
This post pisses me off. The boards were nearly unanimously stoked on the new flashy roster we had. I would know because I was one of the most active posters during that summer. Yes, a few people questioned the Gomez trade, but you're being one hell of a Captain-Hindsight if you're calling that summer a "expletive-joke". That summer's acquisitions also got us to the Conference finals, and had it not been for a horribly unlucky Bruins team, we probably would have at least played for the cup. Remember that.

EDIT: Rich dudes flying to Florida when it;'s -25 and windy back home, because they fly for free and stay in the best hotels!


sorry dude, but I think your wrong.

iirc, there was a pretty vocal group of posters who were very unhappy about the moves made that summer.

the Gomez trade was criticized by many, and to a lesser extend, there were several people that felt we overpaid on Gionta/Cammy/Spacek/Gill...

again, iirc, I'm pretty sure I was one of several posters who argued strongly that our roster was no better, just more expensive, and that Gainey was making a big mistake not using a more methodical approach to managing our "advantage" of having 11 UFA's and a ton of cap space opening up in the summer of 2009.

it's not hindsight, at the time it was pretty clear that we were taking a very expensive gamble, one that was both unnecessary (we could have iced a roster just as competitive by simply keeping the guys we had) and poorly thought out (replacing a "soft" roster by tying up ~22M$ on small and/or soft veterans).

the fluke EC finals run we made in the spring of 2010 "saved" Gainey (and those who believed in his moves from 2009) in the short-term, but reality was that our team was far closer to a playoff bubble "in on the last day" team, than a true contender... Cammy's 20% shooting & Halak's "can't lose when I face 40+ shots" bought Gainey's disaster of 2009 a bit of time, but eventually all the big moves from that summer proved disastrous (gomez, cammy, spacek, and to a lesser extent Gionta).

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