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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
sorry dude, but I think your wrong.

iirc, there was a pretty vocal group of posters who were very unhappy about the moves made that summer.

the Gomez trade was criticized by many, and to a lesser extend, there were several people that felt we overpaid on Gionta/Cammy/Spacek/Gill...

again, iirc, I'm pretty sure I was one of several posters who argued strongly that our roster was no better, just more expensive, and that Gainey was making a big mistake not using a more methodical approach to managing our "advantage" of having 11 UFA's and a ton of cap space opening up in the summer of 2009.

it's not hindsight, at the time it was pretty clear that we were taking a very expensive gamble, one that was both unnecessary (we could have iced a roster just as competitive by simply keeping the guys we had) and poorly thought out (replacing a "soft" roster by tying up ~22M$ on small and/or soft veterans).

the fluke EC finals run we made in the spring of 2010 "saved" Gainey (and those who believed in his moves from 2009) in the short-term, but reality was that our team was far closer to a playoff bubble "in on the last day" team, than a true contender... Cammy's 20% shooting & Halak's "can't lose when I face 40+ shots" bought Gainey's disaster of 2009 a bit of time, but eventually all the big moves from that summer proved disastrous (gomez, cammy, spacek, and to a lesser extent Gionta).
To be fair, we never really got to see that team play. I mean, since it was assembled, we really have not been spared of injuries. The biggest piece only got to play half a year. We had guys like Shawn Belle, JT Wyman, a none-ready MaxPac and DD, Stewart, Trotter, Maxwell. We didn't get to see the team that was assembled until late in the year and POs, but then we lost Markov again after 8games.
Same problem last year.

So ya, to be fair, we didn't really get to see what this team was really worth, but at the end of the day, what really matters is that it failed.

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