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02-27-2012, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Briere was awful defensively, including in the overtime when you need to get your **** together.

The Flyers only allowed 6 shots in the first and were only hemmed in their own zone once (that I can remember).

A lot of the miscommunication will come from the two new guys on D. I was pretty happy with the team's performance in their own zone, aside from a couple bonehead plays (the short-handed goal, especially).
After having slept on the game a bit, I'm not quite as critical anymore. I do think that if we'd met a team with better offense/a Calgary on the top of their game, they would have capitalized on our defensive errors a lot more than what the Flames were able to do though.

Originally Posted by MiamiScreamingEagles View Post
They need to clean up some aspects of their game if they are going to beat San Jose. It's been difficult enough in this stretch and couple with the recent history against the Sharks, doesn't bode well if they can't figure out issues starting with the PK.
Definitely. The Sharks are having a tough time right now though, hopefully they'll continue to stumble when we face them.

Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
How is an open shot from the slot on a 3-on-2 a "high percentage save"? Say what you will about Bryz not making that save, but that's a really, really good scoring opportunity, and a non-scorer was able to score.

Timonen wasn't the one who played that poorly. He could have made an outstanding play to seal the puck carrier and right winger, but that's expecting a hell of a lot.

Kimmo played the 3-on-2 well: the defensemen should essentially create two separate 2-on-1s, effectively allowing them to cover the pass and partially block the shooting lane. Kimmo does that, whereas Meszaros skates backwards with his stick out. That's why Stajan went towards the left winger: that side was completely open for either a pass or shot.

Defense is largely based on positioning, and positioning is heavily affected by angles. Meszaros skated with the rush, took an odd angle back, and overcompensated for the pass. That's why Stajan coasted into the slot. Bryz didn't make the save, but he didn't hand them the goal.
I agree that Meszaros shouldn't have backed off as much. If at least one of our forwards had done some semblance of proper back checking it would have made it a lot easier for him to stand up, however. The shot was from a good spot, but it was a pretty poor shot iirc. I think Bryzgalov definitely wants that one back.

Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
I completely agree with everything you just said, I think our opinions are more similar than not (other than that goal).

This team is good, and considering what they're going through (over reliance on rookies, no Pronger, inconsistent defense, bad goaltending), the situation they're going through is not that bad. However, improvement is always necessary. Timonen's gone after next year, Pronger's likely gone already. What's really disheartening is seeing Coburn and Meszaros: they're still better than Carle, but have not progressed over the last 2 seasons.

It's a shame they're in this transition phase, as right now, we're seeing Timonen at the top of his game.
I agree with this as well, even if Timonen has had a few rough games lately. I still have some hope for Coburn and Meszaros to step up their play. It would be nice if they could do so soon though. If Coburn steps up in the playoffs again, a lot will be forgiven however, just like with Brière and JvR...

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