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11-13-2003, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Der Schweinehund
Friday, October 10th, 2003:
"We're a better lineup than what I penciled in in the summer...That tells me we're ahead of where we thought we would be."
- Craig Patrick

Wow. How bad then was the summertime penciled-in roster?
Well, that sure is a good question . . . but we all agreed that going thru the transition that there would be many bumps in the road? These are them bumps . . . put on your seat belts!

I haven't seen an ounce of productivity or creativity from the coaching staff. That 2-hour video session obviously was successful. A well-motivated team would RALLY after being embarrassed. Instead, they got virtually embarrassed again. I am only seeing consistent hard work from 5 players - Fleury, Koltsov, Malone, Orpik, and Fata. Of course it is worth noting that four of the five are rookies. I see bright spots from many others, but many rough patches too.
IMHO it's way too early to overly criticize Eddie Olczyk's performance as a coach. Although I would have never had some of these players that are on the roster -on my roster - Olczyk has said that he is giving the players an opportunity and it may be their last one. I think the guy needs more time before bringing out the guillotine . . . which we all have said has come out much too often in Penguin history. It's human nature to have a few drinks at the Long Branch Saloon, start shooting the breeze and then all of a sudden you look up and there are a couple of guys with a rope.
Now, if I was in the Long Branch Saloon, with a few drinks and we were talking about a necktie party for some of the overkill of mentors in this group . . . let's go!
As to the performance led by the prospects there are by my count that I would rather have up here: Kosptopoulos, Beech, Surovy, Murley, Koci and Lupaschuk.

There has been no consistency amongst lines or D-pairings - no wonder there are so many missed drop-passes, so much blown coverage, and numerous odd-man rushes against. The only constant we have seen is Martin Straka on the PP point - and that hasn't exactly been a bright spot for us now has it?
No argument from me. The move of McKenna indicates that they might be planning something (maybe a trade) before they make any moves. Who really knows what goes on that doesn't make the news?
As to Marty Straka . . . as time goes on I think many other Penguin fans see why he should have been traded, earlier. The longer we wait, the dumber this gets BTW.

I can live with rookie mistakes. I can live with being less talented. I can live with having to take the cheap way out. This is exactly where you need a motivator who can institute a system, keep consistent lines and give players partners they can get to trust and know. I haven't had the greatest amount of faith in Mr. Olcyzk from the get go, noting that true teachers like Marc Habscheid, Peter DeBoer, and Brent Petersen would have been far better options to come in for their first NHL head coaching jobs. Clearly, the conveyed coaching message isn't clear, doesn't exist, or is just plain wrong. It can't take much longer for this to become apparent - if it hasn't already.
I don't agree that it is SO CLEAR, I guess.

And despite the success of Patrick and the fact he has had his hands tied moreso than any other manager, he seems to have some trouble with coaches as of late - given that two of the last three are failures, with the third one getting pretty darn close. That not to mention either that each time we just tinker with coaches - have we ever replaced more than two of the four coaches at a time??
There - done with my venting...for now.

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