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11-13-2003, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by VOB
Good post fiveforfighting. There are certain coaches in the NCAA who do whatever it takes to protect what Kyle Woodlief from Redline call their little fiefdoms. They fear that allowing Major Junior players into the college ranks would automatically steer all of the elite athletes to the pros and not college.
well, that's just wrong. The NCAA's eligibility restrictions are not applied to different sports differently, they apply to every player in every sport at whatever division the rule applies to. The NCAA is a conglomeration of a huge number of different schools with different priorities and viewpoints and getting changes through is hugely difficult... and when they do they often don't make sense to all sports. Case in point is the revision of the draft opt-in stuff that puts players like Pineault in the paradoxical situation that if they had waited to enter college for a year they would get to enter the draft a year earlier and still retain their eligibility... that change was directed at bouncyball and its impact on hockey was incidental and thus weird.

No NCAA hockey coach has any tiny bit of control over the eligibility requirements that apply to his program. Hockey doesn't have much pull in the NCAA's world.

I believe the NCAA makes exceptions for national teams--it's not hypocrisy, just incoherence. I can guarantee you that the NCAA has never made any decision soley for the benefit of DI hockey.

Hell, I agree that you shouldn't lose your eligibility if you play in the CHL (or if you do it should be on a year-for-year basis), but the reason you do has nothing to do with anyone protecting "fiefdoms," as that well-respected and always correct gentlemen of the highest caliber Kyle Woodlief so elegantly puts it.

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