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This is worth volunteering for...?

My hockey story, it's long so only read when you have time to digest.

Here's a scenario for you what do you think about this?

Our team's head coach was away for one of our playoff games so I filled in as head coach. House league team. At 26 seconds to go our team got scored on. Two of our top three players were on the ice so I elected not to turn my line over. I took my time out and left my goalie in. I was going to pull the goalie as soon as we took the faceoff and put out an attacker. We did so and scored the tying goal with 8 seconds to go.

The director comes over and said "the other team is protesting your goal, BLANK (my best player) was lined up as a forward instead of on defense for the faceoff."

I'm thinking they've got to be kidding. I head off to my dressing room. One of the boys was all excited because he thought he scored the winning goal. We awarded him our "game puck" star of the game. We shared those around all year and he was one of two kids who hadn't received one. We give them out for sportsmanship, assists, hard work as well as goal scoring. Essentially if it was only goal scoring no more than four or five kids on the team would ever get one.

I go down to the office to meet with the director and other team coach. As I'm there I note on the game sheet that another player has been credited with the goal. I'm thinking in all the confusion that perhaps the ref has marked down a number similar to another jersey number, or perhaps the one player shot the puck and the other tipped it in.

Speaking with the other coach and director the coach is accusing me of cheating because I've had a player line-up in an incorrect spot. I said cheating would be taking a time out and then putting my best five players on the ice. Those words of course will come back to haunt me.

The remainder of our playoffs are played out, we hear nothing more on the matter. I had relayed the info to our head coach. She thought nothing more of it since coaches ***** all the time. On the final day of our round robin, with tie-breakers in effect this other team is beaten out of a trip to the semi-finals by us.

So NOW their protest is upheld because we obviously cheated to get a tie against them. And now the coach is claiming that I said I put my best five on the ice.

The only thing is we rank all of our players. The goal is scored by one of two players either the fifth or eighth best on our team, assisted by the top ranked player and assisted by our fourteenth ranked player. On the game sheet the fifth ranked player is the one credited with the goal. In either scenario though it is hard for me to comprehend that I put my best five players on the ice, when the worst player on our team (and indeed perhaps the division) has an assist on the goal.

So now I blunder and suggest that perhaps it was the eigth seeded player that scored. I admit I did not see our top player line up as a forward (though there is no written rule against it) and I was obscured by the sightline of the goal that was fired in from the hash marks of the right hand side of the right circle.

Either way I haven't lined up my top five players on the ice (in fact our team had never before even been hinted at playing unfairly).

So now with the original scenario thrown out (since a player can line up anywhere and it has been proven with the 14th best player getting an assist I couldn't have put my best five out there) I'm now hit with the fact that I have now admitted to cheating by having only two forwards on the ice and three defencemen (if indeed the eighth best player scored the goal.) and after review it is determined that not only must we replay the game against this team, but the conduct intentional or not warrants a suspension for me for the remainder of the playoffs (so tie-breaker game and if we advance, semi-finals and finals).

OF COURSE there are no written rules stating where players line up for a face-off nor the composition of the players that are on the ice only that players get fair and equal ice time.

So at worse we've put out two forwards and three defencemen in their proper order instead of three forwards and two defencemen in proper order.

And somehow this is justice...

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