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11-13-2003, 07:53 AM
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"two 20+ goal seasons in 8 NHL tours of duty and he hasnt broken the 40pt barrier in 3yrs. I hope you're as disappointed about losing Hoglund then because his stats are even more impressive"

And so far this year he has 7 points in 13 games. For a second liner those aren't bad stats. And Modin was a Leafs draft pick, what do we have to show for that pick now? NOTHING, I'd rather have the two 20+ seasons (which we never got).

"Yeah because GM's never do anything without the coach's say-so. You only need to look at the original title of this thread to know that coaches and GM's arent always on the same page. Sorry can't blame that one on Quinn."

Smith and Quinn weren't at each others throats. It was Quinns choice to dump Smith, and he had no problem with the return.

"To say that McCauley is more productive than Nolan is a complete joke."

Hes got more points this year, which is all that matters this year.

"And I dont know what stats you're looking at but McCauley and Marleau don't have the same +/-" -

"I do like though how you can completely ignore the fact that Nolan was injured to explain his lack of production yet at the same time have no problem justifying McCauley's lack of past production with other excuses"

Once again, McCauley is more productive NOW (which is all that matters) and hes healthier. Ya, good trade off

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