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11-13-2003, 08:50 AM
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It's not only Réjean Tremblay, they all said basicly the same thing at 110%.

When a goalie got a SO, he deserves to play next game. That was always played that way before. An old timer law that you don't fix what's unbroken, and you reward a goalie who just gave your team a SO. It's just recently and particulary with Habs that this non-written law has changed.

1. Is this is a new reality in hockey or CJ is a moron?
2. What's the idea of rest Theodore after 2 days?
3. Could CJ give him an easyer team like Columbus to thank Theo for his SO?

Maybe the SO against Buffalo was an easy one, this can be debated for hours, but a SO is a SO. Usually you play your second goalie when your team play 2 games/2 nights on the road. Playing your second goalie when your first just gave you a SO is strange. Weird and questionable coaching. Obviously CJ is not Bowman.

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