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Originally Posted by Yureeka47
Hello! Im embarassed to admit, but im almost 19 years old and I can't skate. I'm about to start going to the rink routinely to practice. But before i just randomly glide around holding on to the side of the boards, are there any tips out there that can help me learn quicker?

Also, is it a fair statement to say if I learn how to roller blade well, I will be able to skate just as well? (easier to rollerblade down the road or in a park than driving to a rink and following their schedule rather than mine).

Why are yo uembaressed. I know lots of folks who can't skate.

The delta between roller and ice are not THAT great. with some notable exceptions.

1) DON'T try a hockey stop on the pavement, road rash is an ugly thing.

2)Gliding does not really happen in inline, though the better the grease the better you glide (don;t fall for the abec5 over ABEC 7 it's all hype). This however should give you stronger legs for ockey as you are constantly moveing your legs to keep you momentum.

3) Ice is MUCH more forgiving than sport court or asphalt. Inline is a GOOD way to correct any skate dragging etc. that many pick up from Ice skating.

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