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02-27-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by blue425 View Post
I posted this on February 15th:

After years of clamoring for a (mostly) home grown squad we finally have one to watch. They're the hardest working, and karguably the best team in the entire league. And the standings say that as of right now they are just that. As currently constructed should have a shot at the cup for the next three to five years. I understand at some point a move may have to be made. I get that..I really do.

However this team, especially in light of how they are performing, deserve the chance to go to war together come April, exactly as they are currently constructed. And we as fans deserve a chance to see what they are capable of in the post season.


Obviously I agree with you.
Great post. Sums up my feelings exactly. I'd venture to guess that the sell everything for this year crowd is generally younger, and don't remember the dark ages. That's not to say there aren't younger posters who did learn those lessons, I'm not old myself by any means, but it just seems that those years don't resonate with some of that ilk right now.

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