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01-28-2006, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by bmxer
yeah, thats a good point.
But I wouldn't lean more towards the shooter, instead more towards the other guy going hard to the net. Make the guy look for the pass, but ultimatly, you want him to shoot on the angle and let the goalie get that.
I'd go more with this technique. I've always been told and heard it said that if you are the defender in a 2 on 1, the defender takes away the option of the pass by covering the guy without the puck and leave the goalie to focus on the puck carrier. Last thing the goalie wants is to have to move quickly across his goal and try and reposition himself with little time for what will likely be a one-timer.

I play roller (as a forward no less but i have found our defence likes to 'wander') so i get a few chances to deal with this. I try stay close to the guy without the puck so if he makes a move, i know right away what it is, if thats not an option, i skate backwards and keep my stick flat to the ground forcing a saucer pass. On the ice, you might be able to go backwards on one knee and use your stick as well, blocking more of the passing lane but playing roller, i find with my knee down there is too much friction and i can get out of position. Useful for stopping quickly though

Anyone else ever been taught to go down the middle and drift towards the puck carrier? And if so, is it more effective?

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