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02-27-2012, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
I'm amazed we didn't pick up anything to fill our holes but I'm not nearly as apocalyptic about it as some here.

I LOVE our team. This has been the most exciting team we've had in decades. We've grown to love our boys, what they stand for, what they do. Fact is, the only reason we even have the luxury of talking about filling a hole or two to get the cup is because of the heart and soul our team has shown this year. Did most of you even think the word cup would be able to be seriously mentioned at the beginning of the season? The boys have done it themselves. They've battled for it, proven their worth and earned it. But they've made us so excited that we want the cup now. Fact is, it doesn't have to be this year. We can easily fill those holes in the offseason if things don't go well in the playoffs, and we have a team already that will continue to grow for years.

I don't care what strategy on paper says. My team, our team, has PROVEN to us this year that they know how to win, how to keep winning. Sure, it's easy to look at our lineup and see the need to fill in some holes. But I also am kinda in love with the fact that we're going into battle with what we have. If it's one thing they've shown me this season it's that they find a way to get things done. Who's to say that they can't continue to be even more of a sum of their parts come the playoffs? That they won't step up even more?

There always seems to be a cinderalla story that comes out in any sport's championship. Our team is the perfect story. They have a huge mountain to climb; but I think our team has the strongest mentality geared for the playoffs than any other single team. Then throw Hank into the mix and I don't care what any of you say: This team could ABSOLUTELY win it all as much as anyone else.

The deadline is over and all I know is this: I love this team. I flat out love them. I'm glad we're still the same team today as yesterday and will continue to enjoy the absolute hell out of watching them. They are our boys. They battle like warriors for us and have treated us to a season so far well beyond expectations. So relax, enjoy tonight's game, and try and find a way to believe in them. They've earned at least that much from us fans.
Amen brother. It cost a Ceresnak or a Jason Wilson to get one big tough mean SOB who will beat the sh** out of a guy or two if necassary. Remains to be seen whether he's good enough to play for us but Im not crying a river about this 5th

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