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02-27-2012, 04:22 PM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by Sky Valley View Post
The defense has always been made to look better by Lundqvist, but it doesn't mean they haven't played extremely well as a unit, and there's no indication to me that they won't continue playing well going forward.

I haven't seen any ridiculous "cult" of people arguing for Status Quo Uber Alles. I see people who don't believe there was a move to be made that would've improved the team, and I see those people getting really frustrated by the ones who think today was a disaster but who haven't been able to actually name one realistic move that could have but did not happen.
Kostistyn for one, i'd do. I'd also probably do the proposed Nash deal, but Howson didn't bite so c'est la vie.

But i'm saying in the long run, if you have to move pieces for Parise or Ryan, or even Weber, i'd do it. Some people wouldn't. That's what the debate has been, other than the fact that i'm a debbie downer for seeing the flaws the team has.

If you haven't seen people arguing for the status quo, you haven't looked hard enough.

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