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02-27-2012, 04:24 PM
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-Getting excellent return for Goose. This looks like it will be a pretty low 1st, but a fantastic return in the face of about 50,000 opinions that there was no way that anyone would pay a price that high.
-Hodgson helps now and is a great prospect.
-I wasn't sold on Kassian

-This team went from soft to softer. Toilet paper companies would pay good money for adjectives that adequately describe how soft we are.
-Not sold on Tropp or Foligno hitting top 6 potential.
-The center position is still an issue
-Size is still an issue
-Toughness is still an issue
-Not sure if DR recognizes that the above three bullets are still an issue

-Grags for Sulzer. Sulzer sounds like he's a proven no-impact. Grags stunk it up here, but will probably do OK as a depth D on a team with a more talented offense.

-If Grags gets his name on the cup this season.

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