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02-27-2012, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
I've been out in front of you guys on most things since I've started posting here. Back when you guys were rallying for Sather to be fired recently, I was posting Sather Appreciation Threads saying our time was soon. There was a plan. When you guys wanted Torts fired, I said no, he's going to lead this team to good things.

This was not because I'm some sort of blind optimist. Not at all. I'm a Mets fan. That's all that needs to be said about that.

I believe we will win the cup at least once over the next five years or so. I believe we'll do it by staying to course. And I think it'll be that much sweater winning with a hard working homegrown group like this.

Don't worry, you'll figure it out soon enough. Unfortunately, not until it's already happened.

edit: posted here since it seems like the logical carry over from the trade deadline GDT
I'm not even going to touch the complete nonsense regarding Sather and Tortorella, but the funniest part about this post is how you're championing this team's current roster, the chemistry at play, and your solidarity with Sather's manner of running the team, despite the fact that Sather has spent the last few weeks doing everything he could to do exactly what you seem to think would be the wrong move: disrupting the team chemistry to acquire an offensive upgrade.

Now, I was completely against the acquisition of Rick Nash, and I'm not upset in the slightest that we didn't overpay for Kostitsyn or some other rental based on who was dealt today, but not because I didn't want an offensive upgrade. This team's need for an offensive upgrade is beyond obvious. The only one that doesn't see that appears to be you, because even Glen Sather was more than willing to disrupt team chemistry and trade Brandon Dubinsky, as well as 3 of his better prospects, plus a first round pick, for that offensive upgrade. The fact that Glen Sather wasn't willing to give up the package the Blue Jackets were asking for is a sign that he wasn't willing to get ripped off to get that upgrade, not a sign that you're take on chemistry outranking plain-as-day needs on the ice is correct.

You mentioned elsewhere the need for others to eat crow when this team wins a championship this season. I'll gladly do that, because the likelihood of it happening this season seems low to me. I just hope you remember to eat crow when the Cup that the Rangers do win eventually (yes, I do think they'll win one in the near future) happens only after they've made a major trade to acquire an offensive upgrade, whether it is Nash, Bobby Ryan, or someone else. Chemistry will no doubt be disrupted when such a trade is made, and it'll likely be Dubinsky, core member that he is, that is sent packing.

Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
You continue to ignore the results of that product. First in the East. I think it just comes down to you're used to watching NHL 12, and don't realize that you can win playing grinding forecheck, and smart defensively.
Indeed, some disregard the results (or at least, the 65% of a season's worth of results), but you take the cake as far as ignoring what happens on the ice itself. I don't know how you could watch NHL hockey without being cognizant of how important offense is based on the way the game is played and officiated in 2012. Furthermore, as far as John Tortorella's tenure with the club, the grinding forecheck has never been less a part of the strategy than it has this season, and rightfully so. Grinding forechecking is a strategy that should be reserved for checking lines, and checking lines alone don't win championships. Thankfully, this team is no longer just a series of checking lines. They had to go to free agency to rectify that problem, since Glen Sather still hasn't drafted or developed a single legitimate first line forward in over a decade running this franchise, but Brad Richards' addition has led to that necessary strategic change.

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