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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
There are definitely foods that skew towards the unnatural. Hydrogenated oils for one. They might lead to disease over time. Throwing off the omega 3:6 ratio is also an issue.

But mostly it's nutrient density. It's definitely easier to eat 300 calories of jellybeans than it is to eat 300 calories of broccoli.

Luckily, nature sorted all that out. Most natural foods eaten in reasonable quantities have enough fiber and protein to fill you up before you overeat. It still comes down to calories, but you likely won't have to weigh and count if you just eat those natural foods. Especially if you're a male who's active enough to play hockey.
transfats are the ONLY nutrient group that has been conclusively linked to any sort of disease. even sugar (refined or not) isn't an established cause of diabetes when overall caloric consumption is within "normal" numbers. just like salt isn't shown to cause high blood pressure.

i tend to agree that there's very little reasoning behind "clean" and "dirty" eating habits. the overall calories is by far the most important measuring stick, and protein intake is the next most important, and everything else is pretty much negligible.

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