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02-27-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
If we get better play from Bryzgalov, then we're definitely one of the cup contenders.

Bryzgalov has been the lesser goalie of the two in every game he's played this season if memory serves me correctly.

That puts him theoretically as the worst goalie in the NHL on any given night. He has GOT to be better.

Our team with a better Bryzgalov is a Cup Contender. Maybe not a winner because we have so many young guys and rookies, but we're certainly among the better three teams in the Conference.

Trading JVR is the stupidest decision we could possibly make right now.

That's the only legitimate question this offseason.

So basically, you're using my plan except for some reason you're expecting Hovinen to be a competent NHL back-up.

So what happens if he's not? And Bryz, like I'm expecting, decides to **** the bed once again? I'd say we could recall Leighton for the LULZ alone, but Leighton's out of his contract. Which brings up another point where we only have two goalies in the entire system, and they're both in the NHL. That's a recipe for disaster. (Another reason we should go get Eriksson again, but that's another argument for another day.)

So we've established that trading Bob is stupid.

Now...I like the Suter/Weber plan except for the price. 6.5m/year long term sounds fine.

I think we play it like we played Hamhuis. Get his rights. Try to get him signed. If we get him signed, goodbye Carle. If we don't sign Suter/Weber, Carle immediately becomes our back-up plan with a very thin market out there to begin with.
Now that you mention it, trading bob in the scenario I posted might be irrelevant. If you took out hovinen from that roster and put bob back in there, could we agree on that? Also, I'm not sure suter would sign for less than what I proposed.

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